Tomáš Míček
Tomáš Míček was born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. After receiving a degree in physical geography, he fled the communist regime in his homeland for Austria. There he pursued his dream of photographing the natural world, especially wild horses, volcanoes, trees, flowers and other natural phenomena in addition to the traditional life of people. His images have been published in magazines such as GEO, Stern, Vogue, L’Europeo and Observer, and he is a prolific author of pictorial photography books and calendars. Up until now, he has published about thirty books in eleven languages.


Creation of photographic books and calendars about natural phenomena and the traditional life of people.


•   www.webcestovatelu.cz
•   Peníze.cz: Svět se nenávratně mění, fotografie zůstávají